Welcome to step 12 studio

Step 12 Studio, located in the heart of London, is here to train you the actor to perform at your highest capacity; and therefore be the most likely to book the job.

Group and Private acting classes in The Chubbuck Technique.

Introducing you to The Chubbuck Technique Acting class

These are the sciences of how we live every day. Basing the technique in these sciences not only makes it unique in actor training but especially, easy to follow and utilise. Class is open to all levels. You will work in every class and between every class. All lessons are focused on directly applying the technique to a character. You will be learning about your own character's journey and what it requires of you the actor to play fully - but also of every character being worked on in class. (up to 8) Acting is a craft that needs to be trained every day. The studio principle from Los Angeles helps you shape your skills, stay in practice and combine everything with your everyday work and life. Chubbuck class is designed to provide you with a process you can rely on for whatever comes through the door next. Know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

What do I get from a Chubbuck class

Work Hard! You will work in every class and be issued specific homework between every class.

You will be challenged to work on your weaknesses

You will learn about yourself and your emotional triggers so that you know how to trigger yourself in your work. So you can nail the scene.

Exercises for every conceivable scenario. Within classes, learn how to experience the death of a loved one, be under the influence of heroin or create the organic pain of a gunshot wound and many more.

Analysis. Everything depends upon it. Learn how to do it from the lens of Psychology so you're truly on the journey of the character.

Get taught by an officially accredited teacher, trained by Ivana herself, who is still a working actor with their eyes on who's casting what. This is a 'living' technique and Rich is at the cutting edge of it, actively living it himself.

Access to the S12S community. Have the support of your peers for self-tapes and more.

Flexible further training. The L.A studio system makes it easy to stay on top of your game. Take as many or as few classes as your schedule allows. Monthly classes are announced max a month in advance. No long-term fees, subscriptions or memberships.

How does a class work?

The L.A studio 4-week block system: First email to book in, including showreel etc. One week before class commences you'll receive your assignment. ( scene and scene partner or Monologue) You're then expected to spend a minimum of six hours working with your scene partner before and between every class.

Your first big transformations in class will come from these 3 steps:

1. Analysis. Learn how to break the script down into real needs you can play from your body.

2. Relationships. Learn how to work with substitutions so that you’re creating the dynamic of history with your scene partners.

3. Preparatory exercises. Incredibly powerful ways to turn your engine on so you're ready for every take, every time, before they call the action. Because the scene starts before the scene starts! ( this stuff will transform your self-tapes straight away).

Week 1. The first works

You'll perform the piece as you have prepared it, full feedback and instruction will be given, and homework. - You'll then re-rehearse with new information, exercises!

Week 2.

the reworks! Where we will be working on raising your performance to the next level. End of week 2, new assignments for weeks 3 and 4.

In class you will always learn how to apply the process directly to a character no abstract exercises. Everything is specific and tailored to you. You will learn a process you can rely on!

This is a professional acting class. It is intense and intimate. Maximum 8 participants per class. Approx one hour on the floor for every actor/scene.

Classes run every month, on the month. Eg. For a block beginning the first week of February. Registration will open for it the first week of January. Via the mailing list. Places are offered on a first come first served basis.

To be up to date will all classes. You will need to join the mailing list.


A typical block could look like this: February

Friday 7th
Friday 14th
Friday 21st
Friday 28th

6-9 pm.

Pending availability it may be possible to book for just the first two or second two weeks. N.B Second two weeks are only available to returning students.

N.b. Classes are only available when coach Rich isn't away filming himself.

How to book?

All enquiries and bookings info@step12studio.com

If emailing to book, please include a spotlight /c.v/ showreel link.

In subject line quote the class you want i.e Block 10 booking.

Deadlines for booking are given above and are set for the assignment day. Should you book earlier, you may have more time to prepare.

All class schedules are announced via the mailing list. email or use contact box below to join.


"Being good isn't good enough. You can't take good work to the bank. You have to be great. Greatness is in the details!"

- Ivana Chubbuck


Frequently Asked Questioins

  • Nope. The only advance you can get on class announcement is to join the mailing list. Everyone gets just as much time to respond.

  • We will start at the start. Step 1 and build our way up from there. Your work ethic will determine your progress.

  • It's never happened. But, should you have issues contact your teacher asap. Students, just as in L.A, are entitled to fire their scene partners should they wish. Again, you must inform your teacher so assignements can be rearranged.

  • Happens all the time. Simply let Rich know when booking and you'll be assigned a monologue. Just as vital to your training as a scene would be.

  • Absolutely. Pending availabillity you may book into the first half or second half of a block. N.B, Second half is only open to returning students.

  • The show must go on. When you book into class you are making a commitment to yourself and the group, especially if you have a scene partner. Refunds are not offered except in severe circumstances where funds will be held in lieu so you may return and complete your assignment.

  • The show must go on. When you book into class you are making a commitment to yourself and the group, especially if you have a scene partner. Force majeures are ofcourse taken into consideration. Funds will be held in lieu so you and your scene partner may return and complete your assignment. Dropping out will be subjected to an admin fee. Refunds are at my discretion. Once you book into class i expect the same commitment and professional behaviour you would offer freely to a job. Drop outs will be subjected to an admin fee. Within 48 hours of assignment day £25.00, after assignment day £45.00. Earlier and postponing, £15.00.

  • With The Chubbuck Technique our focus is on unresolved issues, and through the metaphor of our work as artists we seek to overcome those issues, for ourselves and our audience. Learning how to do so is one of the many things class is for. Unlike other 'methodologies' where actors may spend hours digging up and sitting in their trauma to be ready for a take, we do not sit in our trauma, we use it as fuel. (N.B its very well explained in the book! But here it is from Ivana - https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=UUhuk78zdP0).

  • Yes. however - for your first classes - you only need to have gottent hrough the first 4-6 chapters which takes no time at all. Curious? email rich now for a free guide giving you an overview!

Still got unanswered questions? Drop Rich an email. S12S operates under the philosphy that there are no 'stupid' questions, the only 'stupid' question is the one you did'nt ask. Ask Rich - info@step12studio.com