Group Coaching

S12S teaches The Chubbuck Technique just as Ivana herself teaches it in L.A Classes work in Blocks. Either 2 weeks or 4 weeks in duration. 2 weeks = 1 scene | 4 weeks = 2 scenes The L.A studio system means you will always be working on a character. Always growing! Become highly skilled at creating and playing a character, regularly working in scenes with other actors. Regular group classes are designed to get you performing at your highest capacity.

Private Coaching

One on one coaching is intense and we get to cover a lot of ground fast!

  • Slay your self tape
  • kill it on your next shoot
Or...Take private classes to increase your understanding and application of the technique (we'll be using mock auditions or request to work on your own material.)

To book a session email

For auditions, castings and self-tapes

Simply email Rich = Including all the info you have, sides, script, breakdown and notes from the casting director and your agent. Also include timings that work for you and Rich will be back in touch to confirm the session. Most sessions will take place on zoom, in-persons can be arranged and a travel fee is included if Rich travels to you.

For private workshop on new writing or on set coaching

Either record a full run through and send it to me, or invite me to watch a performance. Both are charged for at the same rate. Provide me with the full script. We will then have a free zoom call to discuss what you hope to achieve with the private and an estimate of how long it may take will be given. Usually 3 hours per Act is required.

N.B most people who use this service end up making rewrites based on what we find. Don't leave it till too close to your performance.